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"All the shows were charming, but ["Here, in the Park"] was the most emotionally mature. The message was about finding what your heart wants to do. It really grabbed at the heart strings."

-Dr. Gary Busby 

Director of Theatre at UC-I and Lead Judge, to the LATimes

Here, In The Park (book, music, and lyrics by Nicholas Connors) is an original ten minute musical. It is a story about taking the time to look around, and finding your place in the world. Here, In The Park won first prize in the Los Angeles Festival of New American Musicals' SHOWSEARCH 2016.


Nicholas and the Original Los Angeles Cast after winning SHOWSEARCH

From Left to Right: Katie Deshan (Sue), Cooper Howell (John),  

Nicholas Connors, Daniel May (Man), Katherine Washington (Woman)

Music Director Jen Lin before the Final Presentation.

SHOWSEARCH was directed by Richard Israel and produced by Hunter Bird.

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